Bianca Belair On Her WrestleMania Decision: Asuka, Sasha Banks or Io Shirai

WWE Women’s Royal Rumble 2021 winner Bianca Belair recently spoke to Peter Rosenburg. The ‘EST’ of WWE discussed a number of topics during the interview, including her Rumble win, choosing her WrestleMania opponent and working alongside her husband Montez Ford of the Street Profits.

Discussing her WrestleMania opponent, Rosenburg would bring up how culturally important it would be for a match against Sasha Banks to happen. This would be the first time that two black female Superstars appear in a main event title match at ‘Mania, and whilst Belair agreed, she also wanted to state how important a match against Asuka would be to her on a personal level.

Bianca Belair’s WrestleMania Decision

Asuka is an amazing champion on RAW,” said Belair. “She had an undefeated streak when I was in NXT. So that’s another thing that’s like really close to my heart as well. I was in NXT with Asuka, I got to watch the undefeated streak, I got to watch all these Championship matches that she had.”

“I actually had a match with Asuka, when I was very, very, very new” Belair continued. “It was my very first Championship match, maybe in front of 150 people? And I remember coming back through the curtain, my husband was there, and having this moment with him that I felt like, ‘well I’m new and I just hung with the NXT Women’s Champion who’s undefeated.’ So having that in my mind too? That could be like this huge accomplishment, of everything like just coming together and full circle with Asuka as well.”

Bianca Belair finished by stating how important the choice is before he heads to WrestleMania; even alluding to a potential match with NXT Women’s Champion Io Shirai. “So it’s just, it’s a really big decision, and I’m still trying to get my emotions together from the Royal Rumble match and winning. There’s just so much in play, also in NXT like Io Shirai? I never got to be NXT Women’s Champion.”

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