Bella Twins Say They’ll Return to WWE, Possibly at WrestleMania 2022 or 2023

The Bella Twins may be pending WWE Hall of Famers, but they’re still planning to return to the ring in perhaps a couple of years. Nikki and Brie appeared on the Ellen Show with guest host Mario Lopez and discussed their hopes to come out of retirement for another match at a future WrestleMania.

When asked if they are planning to come out of retirement, Nikki said, “Oh, definitely. I mean, recently WWE made their huge announcement aboutu WrestleMania for the next three years. So when I heard about Dallas 2022, Hollywood 2023, I was like, I got chills. And I go, ‘Brie, we have never gone after the tag titles. They were made for us, like, there’s another run in the Bella Twins. So I’m calling like, maybe in Dallas, WrestleMania. At some point we’re coming back.”

Brie added, “And I have to say, I had this moment when I wrestled Stephanie McMahon at SummerSlam, I’ll never forget when we came back after our match, and her three little girls were in what we call gorilla…when we came back to gorilla, to see their faces when she came through the curtain. They were like, ‘Mom!’ The goosebumps, the tears. They just looked at their mom like she was a superhero. And I really want to be able to wrestle in front of Matteo, Buddy and Birdy, and then come back and have them look at me the same way that Stephanie’s daughters looked at her.”

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