Batista Shares Shirtless Photos for 52nd Birthday

– Yesterday, WWE Hall of Famer and former Superstar Batista (aka Dave Bautista) celebrated his 52nd birthday yesterday (Jan. 18). To mark the occasion, he decided to share some shirtless photos on his Instagram account, which you can view below. Batista stated the following on turning 52:

“I’m 52 today so I figured I’d post some gratuitous shirtless shots for posterity. I’m expecting everything on my body to start sagging any moment now…It’s a constant struggle. I’ve given up on above the neck but thankfully everything below the waist is holding strong and functioning properly. For now! Counting the days on that as well. Anyway without further adieu I present to you ‘Douchey Shirtless Selfies #52’ … and on a serious note I thank god every day that I’m in good health and I’ve lived to be another year older. Especially this year. ????Being the best me I can be. Peace ,love and cheers to better days ahead.”

Batista was previously announced as a WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2020 inductee. However, the induction ceremony was postponed due to the pandemic, and he will likely be inducted later this year as part of the Class of 2021.

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