Batista On Why He Was Turned Down A Role On The Walking Dead

The Hollywood career of Batista has been flourishing in recent years. The former WWE star has landed roles in many big-budget movies. However, he was still turned down a role in popular TV series The Walking Dead.

The former world champion was recently interviewed by Empire Magazine on the set of his upcoming Netflix film Army of The Dead where he talked about a number of things.

Discussing his efforts to get a role in the TV series, Batista revealed that he offered to make a free cameo but was turned down by the showmakers:

“I’m a zombie fan, I tried to get on Walking Dead for years. I said I would come and play a zombie for free, but they said, ‘You’re too big!’”

Batista also talked about his upcoming film which will be directed by Zack Snyder and he claimed that the movie has a ‘whole bunch of different layers.’

The former Evolution member was announced as an inductee for the 2020 class of Hall Of Fame before the event had to be halted due to coronavirus. It’s likely that the former world champion will return to the company for his induction during the upcoming WrestleMania weekend.

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