Backstage Update On Lana’s Health

Some photos posted by Lana earlier this year had made fans worried about her health. The pics in which the female star was seen wearing a sling and brace had made people wonder if she was dealing with a legitimate injury.

However, the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter provided some update on her status. It confirms that the former NXT star is not legitimately injured and this is all part of her ongoing storyline.

Lana has been off WWE TV since the December 14 episode of Monday night Raw. She defeated Nia Jax in a bout during the show but was attacked by the former women’s champion afterwards.

Jax alongside her partner Shaynza Baszler had focused on the female star’s arm and leg during the attack until the Raw women’s champion Asuka made the save.

It was later reported that the whole angle was a set up for the return of Charlotte Flair who made her comeback during the TLC PPV. Flair took Lana’s place at the show. She teamed up with Asuka and defeated Jax and Baszler for the women’s tag team titles.

At the time it was said that the company was expected to keep Lana off TV for about 6 weeks to sell the injuries. So it’s very likely that we will see her making a comeback during Sunday’s Royal Rumble PPV.

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