Backstage News On Cameron Grimes’ New Gimmick

Cameron Grimes returned to WWE NXT this week. He pulled up to the Capitol Wrestling Center in an expensive car and began tossing handfuls of cash around. According to comments made recently on Figure Four Daily, Grimes really did come into some money through the recent Reddit/Wall Street Bets controversy. He perhaps didn’t make as much as his on-screen persona seems to have, however, but still did pretty good.

“Cameron Grimes was injured, was taken off TV, they were going to reintroduce him,” Bryan Alvarez said on the show. “During this time, I presume Cameron Grimes was f***ing around on Reddit.”

“Cameron Grimes bought a whole bunch of AMC (the movie theatre, not Gamestop). He bought it at a very low price. I’m talking like $15 a share and then he sold it for like $350 a share.”

“So in fact, he made a s**t tonne of money off the whole Gamestop deal. Now, he didn’t make enough money to be Elon Musk. But he literally made probably easy 5 figures.”

Grimes is encouraging his followers to join him on his expedition to the moon, by downloading the Robinhood app.

He also revealed that he tossed out over $36,000 in cash during his segment on Wednesday night.

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