Backstage Details On Impact Wrestling & NJPW’s New Deal

It was announced at the end of tonight’s Impact Wrestling No Surrender PPV that NJPW stars Juice Robinson and David Finlay will be coming to Impact. PWInsider notes that Impact’s deal with NJPW was actually agreed on before AEW’s deal with NJPW which led to KENTA appearing on AEW Dynamite recently.

PWInsider reports that there were actually some plans to have Robinson and Finlay debut for Impact at the last set of TV tapings in Nashville, but plans were changed due to a scheduling issue.

The deal between Impact and NJPW was reportedly the result of months of work to repair the damaged relationship between the two promotions, starting back in the summer of 2020 with Scott D’Amore and Don Callis trying to repair things. D’Amore and other Impact executives apparently flew to Japan after Anthem took over Impact ownership and formally apologized to the NJPW locker room and company for the past issues between NJPW and Impact which stemmed from previous management. NJPW having interest in using The Good Brothers was one of the factors on bringing the two sides together. Both sides are hoping that FinJuice in Impact is the beginning of what will become a larger working relationship.

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