Austin Theory’s Twitter Hacked By Dexter Lumis

Austin Theory is missing. There is concern about his well-being. He was last seen walking to the ring with other members of The Way as they accompanied Johnny Gargano for his NXT North American title match against KUSHIDA. It appeared Dexter Lumis rendered him unconscious after placing a towel over his mouth and nose.

Indi Hartwell has been broken up about her brother-figure’s disappearance. She posted the following to Twitter recently.

Ever since Austin Theory went missing, his Twitter account has begun posting some suspicious content. First, the profile pic associated with the account was changed.

Then a new Gargano family portrait was posted.

Gargano successfully defended his title against KUSHIDA at TakeOver: Vengeance Day on Sunday. It seems likely that he will eventually have to face Lumis with the title on the line, however. Gargano recently regained the NXT North American title for the 3rd time when he won a triple threat against Leon Ruff and Damian Priest at War Games IV.

Gargano recently spoke about what his remaining goals in NXT are in an interview with Sportskeeda.

“For me, being the underdog ‘Johnny Wrestling’ character, I was always more about the chase than the actual title and holding it and defending it,” Gargano explained. “So now I feel like that’s the one blemish on my legacy is not being able to hold the title, not being able to defend it, not being able to have a run with it. So, I feel like that is the number one goal on my mind right now.”

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