Arn Anderson On Fit Finlay’s Role In Women’s Revolution In WWE, Tyson Kidd’s Impact On Women’s Division

In a recent edition of ARN, Arn Anderson discussed Fit Finlay’s role in the women’s revolution in WWE, Tyson Kidd’s impact, and much more. You can read his comments below.

Arn Anderson on Fit Finlay’s role in the women’s revolution in WWE: “He is single-handedly responsible for their evolution. Make no mistake about it. He taught the ladies the difference in being able to have a chocolate milk match or a mudbath match or whatever the case may be to becoming workers. He’s the guy that had the most to do with that. He should get a hell of a lot more credit than what he does because he turned the ladies into warriors. If they tell the truth, they’ll tell you that. So, I think that’s one of those things that should be mentioned. It should be reminded to a lot of people that forget Fit is responsible for a lot of the success of the ladies in this industry.”

On Tyson Kidd’s impact on the WWE women’s division: “I think TJ has a tremendous mind for the business. I think he has a lot of patience, and being so closely connected to the women’s division by his wife [Natalya], he’s gonna do everything he can possibly do to assist them in just getting better and better and better as the years roll by. The business is what it is – it opens up a little bit, and they’re able to do a little bit more that’s OK, then it’ll close down a little bit. But I think he’s a guy much like Fit – he wants the ladies to get better, he wants to help them in every way possible.

“The only difference I would say, and I know because I’ve been there – I’ve been in the ring in the afternoon trying to help guys, but with the neck situation and nerve damage, I was only able to go half or three-quarter speed. Same thing with TJ. He can talk them through stuff, but he had a very serious injury. So, he’s not able to get in there and go 100 percent and teach at a level he would like to. That was frustrating for me a little bit, and it’s gotta be a little bit frustrating for TJ. Moreso than actually going 100 percent with them, it’s being able to communicate psychology. Tighten this up, loosen this up, here’s why you don’t do this and why you do that. That’s the most important thing as far as the communication.”

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