Ariane Andrew On Naomi’s In-Ring Return, Wanting To Team With Naomi To Make WWE History

In a recent interview on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Ariane Andrew discussed Naomi’s in-ring return at the Royal Rumble, wanting to team with her to make WWE history, and much more. Here are some highlights:

Ariane Andrew on Naomi’s in-ring return in WWE at the Royal Rumble: “We’ve been talking a lot lately. We were talking like, ‘Bi**h, welcome back’ and all this stuff, and we’re just chatting about her being back. I really hope to see her really make some moves before she steps out of the ring. I’m a little bit older than her, which is so funny because I’d always think of her as Mama Bear. I’m a little bit older than her, and as you get older, trying to have kids, it gets even harder. I know she has such a love for being in the ring that it can get so easy that you just end up staying forever, but I definitely know for sure she’s still got some time. But eventually, at some point, I’m sure every girl there, they eventually want to move on and start to have a family.”

On wanting to team with Naomi to make WWE history: “You know what I say is whatever is meant for you, it’s already yours and what’s not meant to be, it was never meant to happen, and the thing is I am totally open. I still have a love for being in the ring. I still feel like I have so much to prove that I didn’t get a chance to show off, and I would love to have that opportunity. And I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, manifestation, I’m huge about that, putting that into the universe. I would love, even if it was a small run, to come back, re-team with Naomi, and make history, and get the tag team titles and be the first African-American, first Black women to ever have the titles.

“Just recently, someone had mentioned, ‘Oh, did you realize you had already made history. You two are the first Black (female) tag team,’ and I never had thought about that, but it would be great to come back and shake things up a little bit. I feel like we made a great team, and I felt like we were a real tag team not just some stuff thrown together and being like, ‘okay, we’re just gonna make these two people tag team partners, not really build a story. Here’s the titles.’ We have history.”

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