Apollo Crews Debuts New Heel Persona On SmackDown

Apollo Crews had fans thinking back on his Uhaa Nation era tonight, as he debuted his new heel rationale on Smackdown. Crews defeated Shinsuke Nakamura on tonight’s show, but before that he came down to the ring and talked about his attack on Big E. on last week’s episode.

Apollo Crews said that he’s been the nice, humble, and respectful guy for too long, but has gotten nothing in return for it. He said that considering who he is and where he comes from, that is unacceptable and touted the fact that he’s a real African-American whose ancestors are Nigerian royalty. Crews talked about the Nigerian colors of green and white, and how they stand for wealth, dominance, and power, as does he. He then donned a scarf with the colors of Nigeria, and Nakamura came out for the match, which Crews won with an Angle slam.

After the match, “Uhaa Nation” was trending on Twitter for most of the night, with many people comparing his new attitude to the persona he used in his pre-WWE days in Dragon Gate and CZW.

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