Anna Jay On Wrestling On Brodie Lee Tribute Show, His Impact On Her AEW Career, Future Of The Dark Order

In a recent interview on Talk Is Jericho, Anna Jay discussed wrestling on the Brodie Lee tribute show, his influence on her AEW career, and much more. You can read his comments below.

Anna Jay on wrestling on the Brodie Lee tribute show: “It was like a different sort of pressure for that match just because that day, it wasn’t just about the wrestling. It was about honoring him and his family. So, I felt like I obviously had to do good, and being the Dark Order too. It was a different kind of feeling, but it was a good feeling. Everyone wanted to put on a good show, and I’m glad that we did that show. It was a good kind of adrenaline for that. It was really cool, and I’m glad we all did it together. It was really good that we did the show, and it was good that the family was there too. It was good seeing them and everyone being super loving towards everyone.”

On Brodie Lee’s influence on her: “It was actually in the Atlanta tapings that I made my debut vs. Shida before being signed. That was where he made his debut too. So, I remember there being talks of me joining the Dark Order, but it didn’t happen until about two months later. I did meet him that day, so I was thinking I’m not sure how I’m gonna play my role in the Dark Order. But it ended up working out perfectly, so I had known him since I got signed. It’s cool because I’ve been there the same amount of time he had….first off, he was super welcoming. And then being the only girl too – with all those guys – he was super nice and super helpful with my character too. Telling me how I should portray myself. He also helped me get people to be interested in what I’d be doing, which helps a lot. He gave me the Queen Slayer and 99, and then I mentioned too on Twitter, he would always watch my matches and every segment I did. When I’d come to the back, he would tell me what I should do differently or if I did good or what I should fix for the next time. He helped a lot.”

On working with the Dark Order on BTE: “Whenever we would do them, normally I was kind of like the bitch. Now, it’s a little more lenient. We’re a little nicer now, but it’s more funny. Bullying Stu – that was kind of my role. And then when Brodie would be on them yelling at all the guys, he wouldn’t want me to be in those because he was like, ‘I don’t want to be yelling at you, so you’re not gonna be in this one.’”

On the Dark Order’s future: “I don’t know. I hope we stay together for at least a little while. I think now we’re even more like a family on-screen and off-screen. So, I feel like we kind of have to go in that direction on BTE and on Dynamite. I don’t really know if we even know exactly what we’re doing, but that’s what we think. Probably nice guys now…..I don’t really know how people are gonna boo.”

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