Amanda Huber Comments on AEW ‘Going All Out’ For Brodie Lee Jr’s Birthday

– AEW pulled out all the stops for Brodie Lee Jr’s birthday last week, and Amanda Huber posted to Instagram to react. Huber posted to Instagram last week to comment on AEW helping the young Lee celebrate his birthday, as you can see below. She wrote:

Yesterday was really fun.

@allelitewrestling went all out for Brodie’s birthday.

It’s obviously been a rough few months for our family and our wrestling family has stepped up in ways I can’t even describe. They have been able to bring him so much happiness and safety in the worst time of his life.

We were at Disney on his birthday and I asked if he was having a great day. He said it was a good day but he would have rather been at AEW. I texted @tonyrkhan saying AEW is better than Disney in his eyes —

Everyone @aewontnt treats him like one of the boys. Not like a kid; while still allowing him to BE a kid. He said yesterday was the best birthday party he’s ever had. Seeing him happy and knowing he feels safe & at home is an incredible feeling.

Props to @wrestlingleva for the bad ass cake.

Also mega thanks to @thebryceisoftenright for the ref shirt for Nolan (who is happy as can be and doing great)

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