Alexa Bliss Hints at Re-Summoning The Fiend From Hell on Raw

It looks like Alexa Bliss has leveled up in Warlock, as she was seen preparing to cast Summon Fiend on the latest episode of Raw. On Monday’s show, Bliss interrupted a Randy Orton promo from backstage where hinted that there’s still plenty more of the Fiend to come as she noted fire destroys, but “he” will be reborn.

She was shown sitting in the middle of a pentagram that was spotlit, looking up and laughing in a strong suggestion that the Fiend will return to come after Orton. Bliss later appeared on the screens in the ThunderDome during the Gauntlet Match main event, costing Orton the match and his shot at being the last person to enter his Elimination Chamber match on Sunday.

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