AEW Dynamite Results (2/10): Jon Moxley & Kenta, Sammy Guevara Quits Inner Circle

AEW Dynamite aired from Daily’s Place in Jacksonville. It was announced that the Young Bucks will defend their AEW Tag Team Championships against Santana & Ortiz next week.

Dynamite Results (2/11)

  1. Darby Allin def. Joey Janela to retain the TNT Championship
  2. Cody & Lee Johnson def. Cezar Bononi & Peter Avalon
  3. Pac def. Ryan Nemeth via submission
  4. Jericho & MJF def. The Acclaimed
  5. Thunder Rosa eliminated Leyla Hirsch from the women’s tournament
  6. Kenta & Kenny Omega def. Jon Moxley & Lance Archer

Here are the takeaways from this week’s show:

Darby Allin Retained

Darby Allin defended the TNT Championship against Joey Janela in the first match of the night. Allin and Janela started off the match by trading submission holds. Janela caught Darby with an elbow to the face but the TNT Champion responded with a Dropkick that knocked Joey to the ring apron.

Janela lifted Allin up for a Suplex but just dropped him face first on the apron. Joey followed it up with a Suicide Dive and then a cover for a near fall back inside the ring. Janela bounced Darby’s face off the top rope but Allin battled back with another Dropkick. Darby went for a submission hold but Joey was able to reach the ropes right away.

Allin booted the bottom rope into Joey’s face but Janela shrugged it off and connected with a German Suplex. Joey followed it up with a kick to the face and then an awesome Piledriver for a near fall. Allin slammed Joey to the canvas and made his way to the top rope. Allin connected with the Coffin Drop for the pinfall victory and retained the TNT Championship.

Cody & Lee Johnson Picked Up A Win

Cody and Lee Johnson faced Peter Avalon and Cezar Bononi tonight on Dynamite. Arn Anderson was ringside for the match. Cody beat Peter down to start off the match and then tagged in Lee Johnson. Peter Avalon worked his way to the corner and tagged in Cezar. He leveled Lee with a shoulder tackle before tagging Avalon back in. Lee leveled Peter with a Dropkick and Avalon cowardly retreated to the corner. Cezar tagged in and went for a Powerbomb but Lee countered into a Jawbreaker.

When Dynamite returned from a break, Lee leaped over the top rope and landed on Bononi outside the ring. Back in the ring, Lee Johnson hit a Neckbreaker and went for the cover but Cezar kicked out at two. Cody brawled with Cezar as Lee Johnson rolled up Avalon for the win. It was the first victory in AEW for Lee Johnson. Tony Schiavone interviewed Lee Johnson after the match and got emotional about ending his 0-29. Lee thanked Cody, Arn, Dustin, Brandi, and his other trainers after the win.

Matt Hardy Got Hangman Page To Sign A Contract

Dasha interviewed Hangman Page during tonight’s show. Matt Hardy immediately interrupted and said that they were special together. Hardy told Hangman that he rented out a bar and that the tab is on him. Hangman said he was going to get ready and stumbled upon Dark Order. John Silver told Hangman “maybe I will catch you on the flip” and was embarrassed after saying that. Matt Hardy offered a deal to Hangman Page while he was hammered and he signed it.

PAC Tapped Out Ryan Nemeth

Pac squared off against Ryan Nemeth tonight on Dynamite. Rey Fenix was ringside for the match. Pac started off the match in control and connected with a Suplex. Pac made his way to the top rope and leveled Nemeth with a Dropkick. Nemeth planted Pac with a DDT but could not got for the cover because Pac was able to roll out of the ring. Pac beat Ryan down int he corner of the ring and then made his way to the top rope. Pac hit the Black Arrow and transitioned into the Brutalizer for the submission victory.

Sammy Guevara Quit Inner Circle

MJF and Sammy Guevara argued backstage during tonight’s Dynamite. MJF accused Sammy of wanting to be the leader of Inner Circle. Sammy thought MJF was filming him with his phone and whipped it off the wall. Sammy then punched MJF in the ribs and MJF came down to the ring with them comically taped for the tag team match against The Acclaimed.

MJF rolled out of the ring to sell the rib injury and Jericho tagged in. Max Caster leveled Jericho with a shoulder tackle and tagged in Anthony Bowens. Jericho retreated to the corner and tagged in MJF. Bowens slammed MJF on his ribs and went for the cover but MJF was able to kick out at two.

When Dynamite returned from a break, MJF and Jericho had Caster isolated in the corner. Caster connected with an Arm Drag and crawled across the ring to tag in Bowens. Jericho tagged in and Bowens greeted him with a Dropkick. Caster tagged back in and Jericho connected with the Judas Effect for the pinfall victory.

After the match, Sammy Guevara came down to the ring and Jericho asked what the problem was. Sammy said that he told Jericho on December 9th that if one more thing happens with MJF, he is done. Sammy told Jericho that he was done with Inner Circle and dropped the microphone. Alex Marvez then caught up with Sammy as he was leaving Daily’s Place and he said “I need a break from this place”.

Team Taz Kidnapped Darby Allin

Tony Schiavone interviewed Sting once again tonight. Team Taz immediately interrupted from the jumbotron and revealed they had essentially kidnapped Darby Allin. The TNT Champion was in a body bag and was dragged from the back of their truck. Sting stormed off as Dynamite went to a commercial break.

Thunder Rosa Eliminated Leyla Hirsch

Leyla Hirsch faced Thunder Rosa in the first round of the Women’s World Championship Eliminator tournament. Thunder Rosa connected with a Senton and went for the cover but Hirsch was able to kick out at two. Hirsch showed off her power and trapped Thunder Rosa in a waist lock. Thunder Rosa escaped but Leyla sent her out of the ring with a Headscissors takedown. Leyla connected with a Suicide Dive and then applied an Armbar in the ring.

When Dynamite returned from a commercial break, Thunder Rosa was back in control and hit a Dropkick for a near fall. Hirsch planted Thunder Rosa wth a German Suplex and went for another one but Thunder Rosa sent her into the turnbuckle. Leyla hopped up to the middle rope and hit a Crossbody for a two count. Thunder Rosa hit a running knee to the face and went for the cover but Leyla powered out at two. Thunder Rosa went for a Piledriver but Leyla escaped and locked in an Armbreaker. Thunder Rosa planted Leyla with an Atomic Drop and then a slam for the pinfall victory.

Omega & Kenta def. Moxley & Archer

Kenny Omega & Kenta faced Jon Moxley & Lance Archer in a Falls Count Anywhere tag team match in this week’s main event.

Kenta bashed Moxley in the face with the IWGP briefcase to start the action off. Kenta launched the briefcase into Lance Archer’s face and then Omega slammed him to the canvas. Kenta and Kenny Omega then battled over who gets to stomp the hell out of Jon Moxley. They came to a mutual agreement and both took turns beating him down in the corner.

Archer exploded out of the corner and leveled Omega with a shoulder tackle as Moxley dropped Kenta with a Clothesline. Archer lifted Omega up for a Powerbomb but the AEW Champion escaped and sent Lance tumbling out of the ring. Moxley and Kenta then got in each other’s face and traded punches.

Moxley set up for a Paradigm Shift but Kenny broke it up by bashing Jon over the head with a trash can. Omega then hit a Moonsault with the trash can off the top rope. Omega held up the trash can and Kenta Dropkicked it into Moxley’s face for a two count.

Lance Archer brought a ladder into the ring and bash Omega & Kenta with it. Archer set up the ladder against the turnbuckle in the corner as the crowd in Daily’s Place chanted “this is awesome!”. Archer slammed Omega on top of the ladder as Dynamite went to a commercial break.

When Dynamite returned, the action had spilled into the crowd and Kenta hit Peter Avalon with the GTS. Lance Archer then Chokeslammed Kenny Omega through a table for a near fall. Moxley slammed Kenta into the barricade and followed it up with boot to the face for a two count.

Kenta and Moxley then battled into the catering area/ kitchen in Daily’s Place. Kenta locked in a submission on top of a steel table but Archer broke it up. Moxley started throwing around potatoes and then action returned to the ringside area. Moxley beat Omega down with a kendo stick but Omega was able to connect with a V-Trigger that knocked Jon out of the ring.

Archer and Kenta battled on the entrance ramp as Omega hit Jon with another V-Trigger. Archer told the commentators to leave and tried to Powerbomb Kenta through the announce table. Kenta escaped and hit a massive Double Stomp on Moxley on a table below. Lance Archer started walking towards Omega and the AEW Champion grabbed a kendo stick.

Omega swung but Archer ripped away the kendo stick and broke it in half. Lance planted Omega with a big Chokeslam and followed it up with a springboard Moonsault for a two count. Archer went for Blackout but Impact Tag Team Champions Good Brothers came down to the ring. Archer booted Kenta in the face but Karl Anderson attacked him from behind.

Omega was about to hit Jake Roberts with a V-Trigger but Moxley broke it up with a barbed wire bat. Kenta hit Moxley with the GTS and then a low blow to Archer. Good Brothers planted Archer with the Magic Killer and Omega followed it up with the V-Trigger. Good Brothers then helped Omega hit Archer with the One Winged Angel for the pinfall victory. Jon Moxley will defend the IWGP US Title against Kenta on February 26 at New Beginning USA 2021.

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