Accused in Attempted Kidnapping of Sonya Deville Will be Examined for Competency to Stand Trial reported an update on the latest developments in the court process for the accused attempted kidnapper of Sonya Deville, Phillip A. Thomas II. As previously reported, depositions are being taken on the case this month.

According to the update from WrestlingInc., the lawyer for Thomas petitioned the court to have a mental health competency exam taken to see if Thomas can stand trial on February 1. On February 2, the petition was approved, and an expert was appointment to see if Thomas is mentally competent enough to stand trial. Currently, the mental health expert has until Friday, February 19 to complete the report in order for the court to make a decision.

In the event the mental health expert decides that Thomas is incompetent for court proceedings, that person will have to report on the recommended treatment for Thomas to attain competence to continue. It will also be determined if the accused meets the criteria for involuntary commitment.

As noted, Sonya Deville gave her deposition via Zoom last Saturday. Meanwhile, WWE Superstar Mandy Rose, who was with Deville on the night of the attempted kidnapping, performed her deposition on February 3.

The next court date for the criminal case is scheduled for February 25. At that time, the court will make a decision regarding the competency of Thomas to stand trial.

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