AAA & Lucha Libre FMV Lawsuit In Mediation, Settlement Conference Happened Last Week

Back in December, Lucha Libre FMV (the US company behind Lucha Underground) sued AAA for breach of contract and one of their claims was that they owned all Lucha Libre AAA trademarks, both current and future, in perpetuity. The lawsuit was also for “breach of implied covenant of good faith & fair dealing, copyright infringement, trademark infringement and unfair competition.” This meant AAA couldn’t use the trademarks for US shows but could still do so in Mexico. This has prevented AAA from running any shows in the US or having its titles or logos appear in other promotions.

In an update, Lucha Blog reports that both sides of the legal battle are now in mediation, with the legal teams for both parties having a 13.5-hour settlement conference via Zoom on Wednesday (9 AM to 10:30 PM). They have yet to reach a resolution but agree to continue mediating.

The same filing that provided the updated noted that technically, AAA has not been served with the lawsuit since they are in Mexico and there’s no one to serve in the US. The court case can’t go forward until that happens, although if they can resolve their issues in mediation it won’t matter.

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