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With Apple’s cheaper iPhone expected to launch in March, it’s time to get the production lines ready for the iPhone 9, presumably to build up stock for a release shortly after Apple’s potential March event.

The details come via Debby Wu and Mark Gurman at Bloomberg:

“The Cupertino, California-based company is expected to officially unveil the new phone as early as March, one person familiar with its road map said. The assembly work for the new handset will be split among Hon Hai Precision Industry, Pegatron Corp. and Wistron Corp., the people added.”

The iPhone 9 (née iPhone SE2) is going to play an important part of Apple’s iPhone strategy in 2020.

It is the much vaunted ‘cheaper’ iPhone, with a price expected to be in the $449 to $499 range depending on storage capacity. Curiously this is a price that Apple pitched the current iPhone 12 at on its website (although that is a price after you trade in your older iPhone). This should help Apple address the slowdown of retail sales, although selling into the saturated market of North America and Europe the efforts will be focused on contract renewals through carriers or bringing people in after a dalliance with Android.

The real growth will be found in other markets, such as the BRIC countries where Apple is a very small player in terms of market share, but the market itself is still experiencing significant growth. A well targeted handset (which the iPhone 9 feels like) gives Tim Cook and his team a great opportunity to increase sales, as I have discussed previously:

“How do you fight to win in all of these areas? Price. Introducing the iPhone 9 at its lower price point should help Apple’s smartphone capture more of the growing market, reverse the embarrassment of falling sales, and offer it a way into the key markets so it can present itself as a valid option to the mainstream consumer, not just those looking for a flashy luxury item.”

All these plans need the iPhone 9 to perform strongly out of the gate. That means no delays, no long waits for shipping, and availability as quickly after the launch as possible (after all, Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 family will be on the way, and a lite version of the flagship could compete directly with Apple’s lite iPhone).

So yes, fire up the production lines and let’s get ready to iPhone.

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