For Prince Harry, No Special Treatment in Canada Queen Elizabeth II may have blessed plans by – msnNOW

The duchess of Sussex’s past life in Canada could, in theory, also provide the couple a way into Canada as residents.

An American, she lived in Toronto for several years while filming the American television legal drama “Suits,” when she was known as Meghan Markle. While her immigration status during that time is not public information, Canada has a special visa provision for actors working on foreign film and television productions in the country.

Ms. Park said some of her actor clients had used their time in the country to obtain residency. If — and Ms. Park noted that it’s a big if — Meghan took that step, she could then sponsor Harry for residency.

Regardless of their immigration status, the couple may face tax issues in Canada. Heather L. Evans, the executive director of the Canadian Tax Foundation, a research group, said there was no hard and fast rule for determining who is a resident for tax purposes. Instead, she said, “individual facts and circumstances are important, especially in cases of dual residents.”

Courts, she said, have found that in some cases, people who spend less than half of the year in Canada are still residents for taxation purposes.

Even murkier is the status of the duke and duchess’s royal titles if they make Canada home. In 1919, Canada’s Parliament put an end to citizens and residents being able to accept noble titles from Britain with a resolution that was affirmed twice more, as recently as 1988.

Conrad M. Black, the former press baron, had to give up his Canadian citizenship to become Baron Black of Crossharbour. There is, however, no precedent for how the resolution, which some argue is of limited legal force, would apply to a member of the royal family moving to Canada.

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