Cody Rhodes Weighs In on Possible Cinematic Match With Sting

Cody Rhodes is happy to see Sting in AEW, and he discussed the possibility of a cinematic matchn with the Icon and more in a new interview. You can see highlights of Rhodes’ interview with the New York Post below:

On a possible cinematic match with Sting: “To me, the cinematic matches, they really don’t have a current definition. I’ve seen the Stadium Stampede. I’ve seen the Boneyard [match]. I’ve seen various different ways to present cinematic. And really cinematic just means with different camera cuts. It can mean a lot of things, but ask me that question again in a few months because I want the opportunity to stand across from the Stinger and I think he knows that. It’s almost kind of itching at me under my skin that if there is somebody I wanted to beat, it’s the face of TNT’s hottest period and run.”

On Sting’s match with Darby Allin against Brian Cage & Ricky Starks: “I’m going to be watching like everyone else at Revolution and then the decision will become a little bit more clear. With what happens at Revolution and how him and Darby are able to navigate that stream, then ask me in a few months and I’ll have a better answer.”

On Sting’s legacy: “There was a time where six million people, eight million people were watching wrestling and there are very few people who lived that period of time and who were big stars. Really there are none active other than Sting. He just brings this credibility, this aura and this wisdom, to what he does.”

On not sharing a lot of his backstage interactions with Sting: “I want people to think he’s just that all the time. That’s who he is. He’s just walking around face painted, the long coat because that’s how I see him. When he walks through the back, the common area right before you get to the go position where my office is, where Tony’s office is, there is the common area and when he walks through there it changes the mood.

“Every local who might be working ‘Dark’ that night, guy who is chomping away, then when you see him he really brings this great presence. That alone is really invaluable and the fact that he’s on TV and we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg with I think what Sting is capable of.”

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