Tony Khan Slams Good Brothers, Teases Surprise For Kenny Omega in Latest Impact Paid Ad

Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone were back with another paid AEW ad on Impact Wrestling, taking shots at the Good Brothers and teasing a surprise for Kenny Omega. You can see the video below, which played during tonight’s Impact.

Khan and Schiavone talked about Valentine’s Day, with Khan revealing that despite how much he gives, he got nothing for the holiday. But he said that was fine and he gave great gifts such as giving Impact money through the paid ads.

Khan said that he loves giving Impact money because it’s a tax write-off for him, and because it lets him promote Dynamite. He then ran down the card, putting over the AEW Tag Team Title match as well as talking about how it could have been the Good Brothers if they hadn’t screwed around in the Tag Team Battle Royale. He added that coming to AEW was a poor decision in the first place for the Good Brothers, but it was good for him because it opened the Forbidden Door.

After running down the card, the two talked about how their favorite movie is The Godfather and that Eddie Kingston reminds him a lot of Michael Corleone. And finally, he talked about how there is a “very special belated Valentine’s Day present” for Omega and that he can’t wait to see Omega get it.

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