Steve Austin On Who Would Win Match Between Him & The Rock In 2021, His Pick For Best WWE Entrance

Stone Cold Steve Austin recently appeared on A Little Late with Lily Singh and discussed a variety of subjects, including who would win a match between him and The Rock in 2021.

“If you’re asking me, it’s gonna be Stone Cold Steve Austin because I’m gonna walk in there, stomp a mudhole in his ass, and walk it dry,” Austin said. “Rock has been out there making all these movies, he’s the No. 1 movie star in the world, and I know he’s been in the gym. But I’m still pretty hard and still pretty salty. To match us up right here, right now, I’m predicting Stone Cold Steve Austin. I’m sure The Rock would tell you Dwayne Johnson. It would be a hell of a match, and it was always a deal where I brought out the best in him, and he brought out the best in me.”

Austin also gave his pick for the Undertaker as having the best entrance in WWE history.

“I’ll never forget being in the ring when I was working against The Undertaker,” Austin said. “I had all these things I was gonna do to him and how this match was gonna go, and all of a sudden, they dimmed the lights, everybody threw up lighters, they smoked up the arena, and here comes the Undertaker walking to the ring. I completely forgot everything I wanted to do with the Undertaker. Instead of blowing smoke up my own ass, I’m going with the coolest walkout was the Undertaker.

You can watch the videos below.

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