411’s WWE Brothers of Destruction Report

-Not sure if you heard but this is 30 days of Undertaker month on the WWE Network and it continues with the release of a new documentary. This time around we get a sit down conversation between The Undertaker and Kane about their history together. Let’s get to it!

-Air Date: 11.15.20
-Run Time: 46:39

-Austin, TX: We see Glenn and Mark get in cars to head towards this meeting while they talk over the footage. Taker says it is hard to separate the two of them and it is one of the greatest on running stories ever told. Kane says they haven’t talked in a while so it will be fun to see how he is doing. Taker says it is enjoyable to relive those days. This is Brothers of Destruction!

-Survivor Series: 1990: Undertaker makes his debut and again, he had it down cold the moment he walked through the curtain. Kane can’t believe it has been 30 years. He puts Taker over for being a big, huge dude that was super athletic. He remembers watching Taker on TV choking a guy in the corner while hissing and they show him doing it to Hogan. Taker mentions that the character was different.

-Taker says the development of the character came from him studying Jason, Freddy, and Michael Myers. Makes sense obviously! We get some original drawings of what the concept for Taker was and it’s cool. Kane brings up that they first met when he had a tryout match in 1993 and he was scared of Taker in his gear. We jump a few years to 1995 in Smokey Mountain where Unabomb (Kane) faces off with The Undertaker. Yes, they include some footage from the match and Taker was impressed to see someone the same size as him that could do athletic stuff as well and he knew he could work with him. Taker low key brags about the fact they sold the building out.

-Taker was happy to see Kane get the call to come to the WWE, but he was not happy with the character. He told Vince he was handcuffing the guy and wants to know where Isaac Yankem even came from. He tells the story of meeting Vince and Vince asked if he had any hidden talents. All Taker could say was he sings in the shower and he immediately tried to take it back as he knew that could end up being his gimmick. Fantastic! Kane says it was one of the biggest disappointments of his life. He knew it was a great opportunity but inside he felt himself shrinking. Pritchard told him that it was Bobby Heenan’s idea as he always pushed for a wrestling dentist character.

-RAW: Jan 1996: Phantom Taker vs Isaac Yankem: Kane says it was awful and takes the blame for it. He didn’t want to be there and he was not aggressive at all. Taker told him after the match that Vince liked him, but he needed to show some aggression or he will be gone. That flipped the switch for Kane as Taker told him he was there for a reason and needed to be a killer.

-A few years later Kane gets the call that Taker needs an opponent and they will put him under a mask. The original idea was for him to be called Inferno, but he and Bruce both thought it was stupid. They opted for the name Kane since it was biblical and that was Taker’s original character name. Taker says it all clicked for him and he knew Glenn would knock it out of the park. We get to hear Finkel announce Taker as “Kane The Undertaker” at one of the shows and that’s pretty awesome.

-Speaking of awesome we get footage of Kane in costume working on the his mannerisms in a ring in a warehouse. It was supposed to be a one off, but ended up being a 23 year program. The story gets kicked off by Paul Bearer as he reveals on RAW that Kane is alive. Taker says that it seemed far fetched and over the top, but at the core it was a brother looking for revenge against his older brother.

-Hell in a Cell 1997: Still the greatest cell match of all time! Kane and Taker confirm the structure was basically built to give Kane something to tear apart. Kane gets goosebumps talking about his debut as for a second there was just silence from the crowd. Taker says it was one of the most iconic stare downs of all time and he uses that as an example of story telling. He was trying to be The Undertaker while also showing that he was in awe of seeing someone he thought was not only dead, but just as big as him. Kane hits that first Tombstone on Taker and it was a bit of a rough one. Thankfully, he would get better at it.

-Kane jokes that 1997 was the best year of his career as he got to run through everyone. We see the path of destruction as Taker vows to never fight his own flesh and blood. We get to RAW and Kane says the plan was for him to slap Taker. He thought that was insane and asked Taker to slap him in the back first so that he was okay with slapping him. Taker slapped him so hard that Kane says his reservations were gone and now he couldn’t wait to slap Taker. Fantastic! Kane slaps Taker and tries again, but Taker blocks to pop the crowd. He won’t hit his brother though and walks away.

-Royal Rumble 1998: Kane costs Taker his casket match with Shawn and then sets the casket on fire. They joke about the fire not being that intense in rehearsals. Great visual!

-WrestleMania XIV: Kane remembers Paul putting his hand on his chest and asking if he was ok. Kane told him he was awesome as he watched Taker make one of his best entrances ever. The build was massive and they delivered quite possibly the best match on the never ending series of them that they had. Taker talks about how Kane was able to get elevated while even taking the loss. Kane mentions it took 3 Tombstones to finish him off and it made him an even bigger character.

-Taker feels their story is the greatest ever told in the WWE because it never stopped evolving. Kane loved the time he and Paul Bearer dug up his mom and dad. Paul sets one of them on fire and Kane chokeslams Taker on his mother’s casket. “Rest in peace with your dead mama,” -Paul Bearer! That is so awesome in a corny way as they just went all in with the story. Kane calls the story mythology as they each had powers of shooting lightning. They were basically in their own universe away from everyone else in the WWE.

-Unforgiven 1998: They both feel it was one of the best matches they had. Kane was all for the inferno match and Taker was a little suspect of the idea. Taker says that he was caught off guard by all the air that was sucked up by the flames shooting up on impact moves. They both had long hair, but Taker mentions they were wearing stuff to protect them from the flames. They went into the match cold and Taker says it was probably for the best as really why rehearse something like that. Kane ends up getting his arm set on fire to pay off the match and again, match wasn’t great, but the visual was amazing.

-King of the Ring 1998: Kane jokes that he gets hot at Mick about this as he won the WWE Title that night, but people only remember Mick getting thrown off the Cell. Taker says that Mick going through the roof wasn’t supposed to happen and he thought things were going to turn out worse. Kane was watching backstage with Vince who told Kane that if Mick couldn’t do the run in for his match with Austin, then he would need to think of something. Kane was shocked as he felt one of the writers could have done something. Mick is crazy though was able to come out and Taker ends up hitting Austin with a chair which makes Kane the new WWF Champion.

-The next night Kane loses the title back to Austin and the crowd reaction is off the charts and something we just don’t get anymore (I mean when we had crowds). Kane says that was bigger than winning the title as it showed he was firmly in the main event scene.

-Taker and Kane then start teaming together to kick off The Brothers of Destruction. Taker loved when Kane was still Kane and he was the American Bad Ass. Kane wants to know why the change and Taker mentions he needed to change to survive in The Attitude Era. He felt handcuffed by the character and it gave him a breath of fresh air.

-SmackDown April 12 , 2001: They had a tag match with Kaentai. Taker says it was one of the funniest, unplanned matches ever. They were used to fighting heavyweights and they were tossing around these cruiserweights. Kane did the Last Ride and nearly killed Funaka as he learned quickly why Taker grabbed their tights. Poor Funaki goes face first and in a nice character touch Taker shows little brother how to properly do the move.

-Taker says their downfall was that they were too overpowering and there wasn’t anyone for them to face that was believable. Kane also had points where he felt he needed to change his character. There was points where he got bored and wasn’t having any fun with the character. In 2003 he took off the mask and says only he and Vince were behind the idea. Taker’s only concern was that Kane wore the mask because he was burnt. We see the unmasking and Kane has no burn marks. Kane’s idea behind it was that he thought he was deformed and instead of a physical scar it was all mental. Losing the mask was actually a smart move and it helped make the character new. Kane says it felt like he was starting his career all over again as he can do things he wasn’t allowed to do while under the mask.

-Survivor Series 2003: Kane attacks Taker during his match with Vince and buries him alive. That leads to WrestleMania XX and the return of The Dead Man. Taker wins this one with just 1 Tombstone.

-Jump to 2010 where they have another run and Kane wins 3 straight PPV matches against Taker during his World Title run. Kane says the reason was to elevate the character again and that anytime Taker lost it was a big deal. He says that when Austin beat Taker at SummerSlam 1998 it cemented that Austin was the man.

-WrestleMania XXX: Kane says he thought the finish was messed up when Brock won the match. I thought the same thing initially because it was so unbelievable. Kane walked out of the room he was in because he was so angry as The Streak had become part of WrestleMania lore. Taker says he got to the arena that day and the plan was for him to win the match. As the day progressed Vince came to Taker and said he had changed his mind. Taker told Vince he didn’t think Brock needed it, but it was Vince’s show and he would do what he asked. He felt Roman would have been a good choice and it would have added more luster. Taker says that match was bad and takes the blame as he says he shouldn’t have been in the ring that night. He wanted to give Roman a great match and feels bad how it went down. Kane says he feels the same about their tag match with DX. Oh man, that was a train wreck where everything went wrong. That was a dream match for Kane and he and Taker laugh about what happened. Taker says the thought was that no matter the age that there was enough talent and experience to make this work. He felt it was going to be an easy night and it was everything but. HHH tears his pec in the first five minutes. Kane gets his mask knocked off by Shawn which never happened and they realized that was a sign that this was just not their night. They agree that 15 years earlier that match would have been awesome and I agree.

-Taker calls their rivalry a hell of a ride and doesn’t know where either of their careers would be without crossing paths. He dares anyone to come up with a better long lasting story than the one they have. Taker talks about their friendship outside the ring and “who is to say that it is over.” They hug and that closes this one.

-That was good, but not great like I was expecting. I think it lost some of the appeal because some of the stories we have heard as the WWE has put out a bunch of Taker related stuff and also did an Untold episode of Kane’s debut. They also just breezed right through everything post Mania XX with The DX match getting the most discussion for whatever reason. I am sure there was more left on the cutting room floor and I think they could have left this one run longer since their history is so long. That’s not to say this wasn’t enjoyable as I am always a sucker for legends sharing war stories and these are 2 characters that for years didn’t say much about their careers. I would recommend this as it is an easy watch and there are some new details revealed, but it wasn’t what it could have been. Thanks for reading!

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