WWE SmackDown Results (11/13): Drew McIntyre & Roman Reigns, IC Title Match

WWE SmackDown aired live from the ThunderDome in the Amway Center. Drew McIntyre appeared on SmackDown and faced Jey Uso in an Unsanctioned match in the main event.

SmackDown Results (11/13)

  1. Sami Zayn def. Apollo Crews via count out to retain the IC Title
  2. Otis def. Dolph Ziggler
  3. Rey Mysterio def. Seth Rollins in a No Holds Barred match
  4. Liv Morgan def. Chelsea Green, Tamina, Natalya to qualify for Team SmackDown
  5. Drew McIntyre def. Jey Uso in an Unsanctioned match

Here are the takeaways from this week’s show:

Drew McIntyre Interrupted Roman Reigns

Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman kicked off this week’s show. Heyman told Reigns that he makes everyone relevant and Roman agreed. Reigns brought up how Jey Uso has gone from the twin that nobody knows which one he is to beating Daniel Bryan and leading Team SmackDown at Survivor Series.

Roman brought up Randy Orton and said you can respect a man’s accomplishments but still not respect the man himself. RAW Superstar Drew McIntyre interrupted and made his way to the ring. McIntyre said he heard Reigns talk about Orton and claimed that he won’t be facing Orton at Survivor Series.

Drew vowed to win his WWE Championship match against Orton on RAW and he will be the one facing Reigns at Survivor Series. McIntyre boasted about eliminating Roman Reigns at Royal Rumble and how he made Heyman’s former client his bitch (Brock Lesnar) at WrestleMania.

McIntyre noted that he was the top guy while Roman Reigns went away and it was a privilege. Drew added that he is the man now and will prove it at Survivor Series. Reigns told McIntyre that he liked him but he doesn’t watch RAW. Roman joked that nobody watches RAW because they are all watching him on SmackDown. McIntyre got in Reigns’ face and Jey Uso ran down to the ring.

Jey told McIntyre that he was being disrespectful and challenged him to a match tonight. McIntyre shoved Jey to the canvas and got in Roman’s face once again. Reigns and Jey got out of the ring and walked away as Drew shook his head. Roman Reigns flipped out on Jey backstage and said nobody told him to come to the ring and make a match for himself.

Sami Zayn Retained The IC Title

Sami ZaynSami Zayn
Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn defended his Intercontinental Championship against Apollo Crews tonight. Zayn complained about being informed an hour ago that he has to defend his title tonight. Apollo Crews interrupted the promo and came down to the ring.

Match Recap: Crews hit Zayn with a Splash in the corner and then bounced Sami’s face off the top turnbuckle. Apollo planted Sami with a Suplex and followed it up with an Enziguri. Crews connected with a Standing Moonsault for a near fall. Zayn ripped the apron off the ring and slammed Crews into the metal support beams. Sami tied up Crews’ legs and then rolled into the ring to beat the count. Crews was counted out and Sami retained.

Carmella Attacked Sasha Banks Again

Sasha Banks called out Carmella tonight but was interrupted by Bayley. Carmella then attacked Banks from behind and hit Sasha Banks with another Facebuster. Carmella then left the ring to end the segment.

Otis Picked Up A Win

Otis. Image Credit: WWE.comOtis. Image Credit: WWE.com
Otis. Image Credit: WWE.com

Dolph Ziggler faced Robert Roode tonight on SmackDown. Roode was ringside for the match.

Match Recap: Roode hopped on the apron and Ziggler capitalized with a Zig Zag for a near fall. Otis battled back and slammed Dolph to the canvas. Roode hopped back up on the apron but Otis ignored him and hit a Splash for the pinfall victory.

After the match, Chad Gable told Otis that he needs a mentor and someone to show him how to unlock his inner alpha. Otis got fired up and walked away as Gable grinned.

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