411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: Paul Heyman References Christian, Sami Zayn Has a Breakdown, and Big E Vows to Be a Double Champion at WrestleMania 2022

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 03.13.21

-The best time of year is upon us as not only are we on the Road to WrestleMania, but we have MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA Tournament, Masters Golf, and NFL Free Agency/Draft approaching. I love this time of year. Talking Smack is also up so let’s get to it!

-Kayla Braxton welcomes us to the show with breaking news as it will be Big E defending the IC Title against Apollo Crews at Fastlane. Also we will get Sasha defending his Women’s Title on Friday against Nia Jax. Now Kayla introduces her co-host Paul Heyman and brings up that Edge will face Jey Uso next week to see who will be the enforcer for Reigns/Bryan. Paul says Sami will be here today and every other day bitching about a conspiracy, but the real conspiracy is against Roman Reigns. He questions how many people can be challengers for Reigns’ Title this close to WrestleMania. Heyman then drops a deep cut as he says Edge’s best friend in this world knew he would be targeted by Roman Reigns so he ran away. Awesome! This is why Heyman is amazing! “How many of your “Christians” need to convert before you realize it is not smart to piss off Roman Reigns?” Again, I bow to the greatness of Paul Heyman! This opening promo has made this show already and I feel they could just end it here and I would be content.

-Kayla asks Paul if he feels better getting that off his chest and then brings out our first guest. Sami Zayn is out with his documentary crew. He was in a good mood and was excited to talk to Paul, but then he heard Paul say the conspiracy was against Roman Reigns. Sami goes off as he asks how a conspiracy can be against someone who is known as The Head of The Table and has been in the WrestleMania Main Event year after year. Paul tries to reassure him that there can be more than one conspiracy. “Do you watch cable news?” Kayla tries to stir the pot by mentioning Heyman said they was no conspiracy against Sami. Sami breaks down as he buries his head on the desk and tells us that he is losing it. This is wonderful! He gets back into things by saying that his documentary is coming out soon and he had to deal with a rat in his crew. He tells Kayla to shut up, but does say please. Sami goes back to something Paul said a few weeks ago when he said he conspired against Sami when he was in charge of RAW. “Paul, I am not here to punch you in the face, though I thought about it.” He thanks Heyman because it proved to him that he was right. He hears people calling him a crackpot and weirdo and it does get to him. Heyman gave Sami the smoking gun and Heyman is just baffled as he is agreeing with anything Sami says. Heyman gets compared to Abraham Lincoln and Heyman says he doesn’t know how many people he has freed, but he wants to free Sami Zayn. Sami goes off again as he thanks Paul and says no matter what the WWE wants the documentary is coming out and a teaser will be out soon. This was glorious!

-Heyman waits until Sami leaves and says it wasn’t his idea to bury Sami on RAW, it was Kevin Owens. Heyman went to KO to see if he would put the team back together with Sami to face the Street Profits. KO shot that down and called Sami a prick apparently. Kevin didn’t like Sami and said it was best to bury him. Oh man, this show!

-Shayna Baszler, Nia Jaxx and Reginald are out next. Shayna is always annoyed on RAW Talk, so let’s see how she handles Talking Smack. Kayla loves seeing the budding romance between Nia and Reginald bloom. Nia is upset that there is only one chair on the set and she is stuck standing. She calls Reginald smart for suggesting Sasha put her title on the line against her next week. Nia says Mania is 2 nights so they can defend the Tag Titles one night and the SD Women’s Champion the next night. Heyman brings up that Bianca is no walk in the park and she would have to focus on her completely. His idea is for Shayna to defend the tag titles on her own as he has known her a long time and she could handle it. Nia isn’t happy with that idea as she is annoyed that Shayna would even consider going at it alone. Shayna is annoyed Nia is going after the SD Title. Nia shoots back that Shayna should go after the RAW Title and that brings a smile to Shayna’s face. Intriguing! Nia is done with the disrespect and is out of here. Shayna shoots a look at Paul and Kayla isn’t sure what that look was about.

-Big E, your Intercontinental Champion, is out next and this should be interesting as he has had some fun interactions with Heyman. E immediately starts laughing as she stares at Paul and says “this is what you wanted.” Heyman says he respects E enough as a man to give his a straight answer. It is not what he wanted, but it is what he told E his life was going to be like. He offered E a spoiler as he is a champion and this is what his life is going to be like. This is where he fails to see why the roster has contempt for Roman Reigns as E is learning what Roman already knows. Nobody is happy for your success and everyone is jealous or envious. They all want to be the star on the rise and a champion. They want to take from E what he has earned and Crews is the first of many. This is the life E leads because of the sacrifices that he made and this is life at the top. Roman understood this and created the Island of Relevancy to protect himself. Look at Jey Uso who is a secret service agent for Roman Reigns. This morning he mentioned to E that if he wants to protect his reign there is more than one Uso and services are available. Nice! E doesn’t have to give him an answer now, but when he is ready he can give Paul a call. E says he hears Heyman and he has learned a lot from him. He has learned how shark infested these waters really are. The IC Title is his and he will decimate Apollo Crews at Fastlane. He will defend his title and then he will walk into Mania and defend it for an entire calendar year so that he can walk into Mania 38 to face Roman Reigns if he is still Universal Champion. He will walk out of Mania 2022 as a double champion and then he will talk to Paul Heyman.

-Paul gives en evil smile as Kayla wraps up the show.

-I love this show and you can make the case it is the most entertaining show the WWE produces every week. This ranks as one of the best episodes of this series and it is still baffling they let the men and women crush things here and then hand them a script on their main programming. If you aren’t watching this show to go along with SmackDown every week you are missing out because sadly this show lives in it’s own bubble 99% of the time and that is a disservice as the WWE needs to use what is being done here to add to what is happening on their main shows. Just a fantastic watch. Thanks for reading!

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