411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 02.27.21 – Seth Rollins Wants to Help Cesaro, Daniel Bryan and Paul Heyman Make a Deal, Plus More!

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 02.27.21

-Kayla Braxton welcomes us to the show and is joined by her co-host, Paul Heyman. They discuss fashion and Heyman tells Kayla she must had had lasix surgery if she is just now noticing how well he dresses. He also tells her that he will not date her no matter how much she asks and he will be talking to human resources. Kayla just plows through with the show and moves to Daniel Bryan looking for a Universal Shot. Paul throws away his show format notes and says Roman sweats no man. Daniel Bryan can dream, hope, and fantasize about a match with Roman, but it’s not going to happen. Roman is locked in on Edge and WrestleMania and Bryan is not going to be able to upset the apple cart.

-Our first guest has Paul excited as he is a fan and that guest is Seth Rollins. Nice to have him back on this show! Seth is selling the Swing from Cesaro earlier. He jokes that he had to find his stomach in the 5th row, but he feels great now. Things happen and you have to move on so everything is great. I’m down for Cesaro/Rollins at Mania if it gets to that point. Rollins was trying to help out a friend tonight and that’s how he gets paid. He questions Cesaro’s killer instinct and doesn’t think he can do it on his own. Heyman says that Roman has kept his eye on all the press Seth has done recently and they are impressed. Roman is appreciative of the kind words that Seth has said about him and that makes Paul fan. He puts over how much of a roll Cesaro has been on and calls him a dangerous man. Heyman is inspired by Seth and puts over the vision he has for SmackDown, but he is concerned for Seth in his dealings with Cesaro. Seth believes in all the words he has said about Cesaro, but Cesaro has chosen the difficult path. He doesn’t know where it’s going to lead but he assures Paul that it is all going to be okay. Heyman thanks Seth for gracing this show with his presence. Seth even takes his mic with him as he leaves which impresses Kayla.

-Heyman mentions that his lower back was hurting him and that went away when he shook Seth’s hand. Awesome! He isn’t saying he healed him, but there is something very special about that man.

-Bianca Belair is out next and now we know that she is heading to Mania against Sasha Banks. Bianca gets helped up on the desk by Paul so that she can dance a bit as she is excited about her decision. Paul helps her back down from the desk. Bianca puts over Asuka, but she wanted make history at Mania and she is doing that with Sasha as it will be the first time two African American Women have headlined a WrestleMania. Bianca admits she was shaking in the ring as she made the announcement and when she got back her phone was blowing up. Kayla brings up that even with all the history, Bianca will be facing Sasha Banks. Bianca has had Sasha on her radar since she first showed up in The PC. Sasha is one of the Horsewomen and she loves her, but there is a new kid on the block. She is heading to WrestleMania to become the SmackDown Women’s Champion. Paul congratulates her and tells her she earned every bit of it.

-Paul didn’t have much to say to her because he has told her everything as a challenger and he can’t wait to talk to her as a champion. He calls her the future of the Women’s division.

-Paul tries to wrap up the show, but we still have one more guest and it is Daniel Bryan. He is out and immediately starts making fun of Heyman and his mullet in the 80s and how he also used to dance on tables. Heyman plays along and says he also wore a thong dancing on those tables. They talk about Bryan winning inside The Chamber last week and Bryan jokes he can win that, but can’t win a Rumble to save his life. He didn’t feel like a winner after last Sunday though. He puts over the roster on SmackDown and how hard that match was last week. He wins the match and then gets beat in short order by Roman Reigns. He is okay with losing as it has happened before, but when he was on the floor and Edge speared Reigns while pointing to the Mania sign he felt like a loser. He is annoyed that 2 guys who have had 3 matches this year are in the Main Event of WrestleMania. He put himself on the back burner because he wants more for the other guys inside the Chamber who killed themselves. He feels like he failed them. He brings up the WWE made the roster take ambition tests and Bryan had one of the lowest scores ever and he told the lady giving the test he just loves what he is doing. Now he has ambition because he has wrestled more matches in the last 8 days than Edge and Reigns have all year. Heyman says he is going to make Bryan’s day. He has the opportunity of a lifetime for him. He has been authorized by Reigns to make him the following offer. Next week Bryan can have a rematch with Jey Uso and if he wins that match he will get a Universal Championship Match at Fastlane, but if he loses, Daniel Bryan will acknowledge Roman Reigns as the Tribal Chief and Head of The Table. Bryan accepts the offer and he swears is he loses he will shake Roman’s hand and even call him the best wrestler he has ever faced in the ring. Bryan has a condition of his own though as he wants the match inside a steel cage. Heyman looks concerned as Bryan and Kayla chant “steel cage match.” Fantastic! Heyman isn’t sure what to say and Bryan says that Heyman is about to expose Roman as a coward. They talk over each other and this is glorious and I don’t know how Kayla is keeping it together. Heyman apparently gets a text on his phone and Roman has authorized the terms. Bryan is no longer putting other people first and he is taking back the title he had before CM Punk and that is “Best Damn Wrestler in the World.”

-Noteworthy show this week and once again the ending made this a great show. Bryan is always great and he is amazing at balancing being serious one moment and getting silly the next. Seth was good and Bianca is becoming a pro on this show, but the ending was must see and again, I like when something happens on this show that rolls into storylines. Uso vs Bryan in a cage makes sense as they have had issues since the Fall and it has built towards the stipulation. Can’t wait for next Friday now. Thanks for reading!

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