411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 02.20.21 – Apollo Crews Stays Silent, Reginald on His Relationship with Carmella and Sasha, Plus More!

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 02.20.21

-It’s the day before Elimination Chamber and the final piece of the build is left with Talking Smack. Let’s see what fun this show has to offer this week. Let’s get to it!

-Kayla Braxton welcomes us to the show and she is joined by her co-host, Paul Heyman. Things start differently this week as Apollo Crews is already here as our first guest. Kayla gives an update on Big E who is at home resting with temporary arm weakness due to the attack from Apollo.

-Kayla asks Apollo to explain his actions and he just stares at the camera. Kayla pushes the issues and Apollo offers nothing. More prodding and more silence from Apollo. Heyman tells Kayla her questions were appropriate and he applauds them. He takes over and tells Apollo that Apollo wanted everyone talking about him and he wanted E’s attention and he has all that now. The questions become did it happen in a moment, was it pre-mediated, did he listen to the voice of reason (Heyman), or did his moment with The Tribal Chief ring true? Heyman asks when did he make the decision and Crews just smiles and walks off the set. Heyman says he will pass that along to his Tribal Chief.

-Heyman says he sees things that Kayla can’t. Kayla just wants to move on and officially welcomes us to the show. They cover the Edge/Reigns issues and Heyman asks if we know what Roman said to Edge to start the show. He does know and he isn’t telling anyone. Kayla makes a joke about being on the edge of their seats and Heyman tells her that was horrible. Kayla puts over Rollin’s suit game and Heyman calls that shallow and asks how people would take it if he talked about what women would wear and Kayla cuts that off to move things along.

-Reginald is out for his first experience on Talking Smack. He says he wasn’t shocked by what he did tonight (pinning Nia) because when you are good, you are good. Kayla brings up his relationship with Carmella and now he seems to have an interest in Sasha Banks. He assures her that his loyalty is to Carmella. Kayla brings up Carmella throwing wine in his face and Reginald says the glass slipped. Awesome! Kayla doesn’t think playing 2 women against each other is going to end well for him. Heyman is crushing Kayla for her line of questioning as he mentions he pheromones are acting up. Reginald doesn’t answer when asked if he is attracted to Sasha as he thought this show was a chance for him to talk about Carmella and himself. Reginald is very excited for his future in the WWE. Kayla gives the floor to Heyman to speak to Reginald. Heyman tells Kayla that once SmackDown goes off the air, she needs to go out on dates. Heyman reads the notes he was given on Reginald and tells him from what he has read Reginald is impressive. He asks Reginald if he would like to guess what Roman said to Edge and Reginald says that if it was said to Edge then it wasn’t meant for his ears or Kayla’s. Heyman is overjoyed by this answer and has Reginald stand up to give him a hug and tell him that he likes him. Kayla is not happy with this development. Heyman tells Reginald he is welcome on Talking Smack whenever he wants. Heyman says this show is for journalist and not speculation and gossip (while pointing to Kayla). He then calls Kayla dateless on Friday night and shows it on Saturday morning. Reginald forgets to take his mic which Kayla and Heyman both point out to continue that running joke. Heyman also turns on Reginald as he is happy he is gone.

-Kalisto is our final guest and Heyman throws some Spanish out to him as they have a brief discussion. Kalisto is out here as he apparently he has some breaking news. Kalisto says he is ready to talk, but before he can get to it, Jey Uso is out. He tells Kalisto it is time to leave and Kayla apologizes as Kalisto takes his leave. Uso is fired up as he calls out everyone in The Chamber and tells Corbin he is going to get him. He lets Heyman finish as he tells us it is fight weekend and puts over Reigns as the best of the best. He hypes the Chamber Match and how the victor of that violent match gets a Universal Title shot at Roman Reigns. He mentions there is no Talking Smack or SmackDown without Roman Reigns. “There shouldn’t RAW anyway. Have you watched it lately?” There is no NXT without Roman Reigns and everyone, including Kayla, is employed because of Roman Reigns. He is the sun on which they all orbit around. They (Heyman and Jey) have the juice and the stroke around here because of Roman Reigns. Heyman says they have so much stroke this episode of Talking Smack ends in 3, 2, 1…..fade to black.

-Well, a rather short episode this week as it clocked in at just over 18 minutes, but I guess that was the point Heyman was making to close the show. Not the best episode but I appreciate that they changed the format little just to try something new. Apollo said nothing, but that was fine as it added to his heel turn. Reginald did well for his first time on the show and I am curious to see how things continue with him. The Kalisto thing seemed weird at first as I was wondering what kind of breaking news he had and hopefully that gets paid off somewhere instead of it just being a set-up for Jey Uso. Perhaps it leads to a match on SmackDown at some point between the two which I would be fine. Heyman closed the show hyping Sunday and really that’s all this show needed this week. Thanks for reading!

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