411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 02.13.21 – Sami Zayn, Daniel Bryan, and Cesaro All Discuss Facing Roman Reigns, Sasha Banks Wants to Main Event WrestleMania, And More!

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 02.13.21

-So SmackDown has an Elimination Chamber match booked for next week and a Universal Title Match. Reigns getting out of defending inside The Chamber and facing the winner the same night was great as it is something different and in line with Reigns and Heyman’s characters. Let’s get to it!

-Kayla Braxton welcomes us to the show and is joined by her co-host, Paul Heyman. Kayla wants to talk about Jey Uso being in the Elimination Chamber and Paul doesn’t walk to talk about it. She asks Paul if Jey is going to even try to put himself in a position to win and Paul asks here if she thinks this is “The Finger Poke of Doom.” Already a win this week! He wonders if Kayla even gets that reference and tells her it must be nice to be 19 and pretty and get to sit next to a legend every week. Kayla then moves the discussion to KO and Paul says he would rather talk about Jey Uso. Kayla just moves on to their first guest.

-Sami Zayn is out with his documentary crew and he is annoyed they wanted to talk about Uso and Owens when he is standing right there. Kayla congratulates him, but Paul interrupts. He tells Sami he wanted to talk about him, but Kayla shot it down in the pre-production. Paul then laughs as he is supposed to be playing to the main camera and yet he is doing it to Sami’s camera. Sami tells Kayla he is rebelling against the company line and it is not a personal attack on her. Kayla brings up that since Sami is in the EC there is no conspiracy against him and Sami promises her that he is not making any of this up. Kayla brings up that if Sami wins he gets to face Roman Reigns that same night and that is a match that has never happened. She wants to know if Sami is biting off more than he can chew in that match. Sami knows he and Paul agree on some things and on this issue would disagree on how the match would go, but he does respect what Roman Reigns has become. Roman Reigns was at one point the Golden Goose and he toed the company line. He eventually realized he was more important to the company and is using them now. He thinks on any given night a match can go either way, but the main thing is this is the closest he has gotten to a Main Event like this in years. Paul and Sami bond over their dislike of Kayla as he takes his leave with while also taking his microphone.

-Heyman says that there is a conspiracy against Sami Zayn and he conspired against him when he was in charge of RAW because Sami is a prick. Damn! I love Paul sucking up to guests when they are there and turning on them once they leave.

-WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks is out next. She dances a bit as Heyman says he is Jewish and has no hips to be able to try to dance like that. Sasha would love it if Bianca picked her for Mania as she may be the strongest, but she is not the best. Kayla brings up that if Bianca picks Sasha it would be the first time ever that two African American females have competed in a WrestleMania Main Event Title Match. Sasha says her heart is beating just thinking about that. She has done everything in the WWE except Main Event WrestleMania and she is ready to create more magic. Kayla brings up that Shayna and Nia showed up on SmackDown tonight. Sasha doesn’t know why they showed up on her show and she will send them back to RAW if they show up again. Kayla mentions Sasha is the honorary starter of tomorrow’s Daytona 500. Sasha is excited even though she knows nothing about NASCAR. She knows how to drive fast. Next they plug that Sasha will be the next guest on The Broken Skull Sessions with Steve Austin and it will debut after The Elimination Chamber. Paul now gets his chance to speak to Sasha and she mentions everyone on the roster wants to be Sasha because she is the champ and Main Event. He mentions that Bianca is the biggest threat to Sasha’s reign and she is trying to take her place. All he sees from Sasha is respect and admiration. He mentions that Bianca is too righteous and will never jump Sasha from behind. He questions if the old Sasha Banks would jump Bianca from behind and do everything she could to gain an advantage. If she doesn’t the outcome isn’t 100% clear as Bianca is that good. Sasha says that Bianca needs to choose her to find out.

-Paul says that Sasha is The Boss unless she loses to Bianca and that match is even money and an interesting match.

-Cesaro is our final guest and Paul is happy to have him out here. He has been waiting to say something to Cesaro. That’s funny as Cesaro has a question for Paul. Cesaro mentions Kayla is the host and she is happy someone finally said it. That gets a look from Heyman and Cesaro says he can cut the tension with a knife between these two. Heyman then says he feels like he is being set-up and sure enough, Cesaro mentions his tag partner and out comes Daniel Bryan. “Paul, I am your favorite guest.” Fantastic! Daniel slaps Paul on the back a few times and asks if he wants Otis to come up and display his hip power again. Daniel is excited about Elimination Chamber and how if he or Cesaro win they get to face Roman Reigns. Daniel asks if Paul’s deal is to have whoever he works with to work as little as possible. Roman is only willing to defend his Title against someone who has to win an Elimination Chamber match. He questions why Roman doesn’t wrestle on SmackDown and asks Paul if he got Roman on a Brock contract. Cesaro doesn’t want a Brock contract as he enjoys wrestling every week. Daniel forgot that Paul doesn’t know what it is like to work with someone who loves to wrestle. Paul doesn’t get to work with someone like Daniel or Cesaro, to which Cesaro rightly points out they did work together. Daniel remembers as well, but points out Paul didn’t really do anything for him. Paul says his strategy has always been work less and get paid more and that comes from his upbringing. Daniel says it is because Paul grew up with money and feels money is the be all and end all. He didn’t work his way to being the best to get that money. Daniel respects Cesaro because he can count on one hand how many opportunities Cesaro has gotten. Yet Cesaro has worked more matches in a year that anyone else on 5 different occasions. They have both worked over 230 matches a year so they aren’t concerned about wrestling 2 matches in one night. They both can go all night long if needed which Owens, Corbin, and especially Sami Zayn can’t do. Paul asks what happens if it comes down to the two of them inside The Chamber. Cesaro mentions we saw the answer two weeks ago when he won. Daniel knows what Paul is trying to do. He would be honored if it came down to him and Cesaro. A man who has more heart than anyone in the WWE and if he loses he loses, but if he wins Roman is in trouble. He has had countless opportunities to tell people what will happen if he wins, but Cesaro never gets the chance so he is going to let him speak. Bryan takes his leave and Cesaro asks Paul if he wants to get personal. Cesaro has a ton of respect for Daniel and no matter who wins they will beat Roman Reigns for The Universal Championship. Paul knows that Cesaro will beat Roman Reigns if given the chance. Paul’s biggest fear is having Bryan and Cesaro left as Paul knows what will happen. Cesaro can’t remember the last time he had a World Title shot or any Title shot. He worked his way up to get the WWE and he has loved every single moment of it. I love Cesaro but he is getting a little lost at times here, but as mentioned he’s never been given a chance like this so he will only get better with it. He talks about everyone out there putting in hard work and everyone knows that he will win The Universal Title. Everyone in the Cesaro Section knows it. He loves wrestling and he will be The next Universal Champion as he drops the mic. Paul just stares at the camera with a smug look and we are out this week.

-Another good episode with Sami and Bryan being the high points. Sasha was great as well and I enjoyed her interaction with Heyman to close that segment. I appreciated the call back to Heyman being with Cesaro and it was nice to see Cesaro finally get a chance to cut a promo. Again it was kind of rough at times as he seemed to lose his train of thought or get the right words out of mouth. I won’t hold it against him though as the man hasn’t been given any real chance to cut a promo this long. His point was made even if it took a bit to get there and I am all for Cesaro getting a run with the uppercard after years of being stuck in the tag ranks. Thanks for reading!

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