411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: Lacey Evans & Ric Flair On Their Relationship, Xavier Woods Wants Reckoning, More

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 02.01.21

-The Royal Rumble is in our rear view mirror and the build to WrestleMania can officially start even though we have two PPVs between now and the time we get to Tampa. Real quick thanks to everyone who read my review of the first episode of the new Icons series. The first episode focused on Yokozuna and it is a great piece of business. You can find my review here. Now to RAW Talk. Let’s get to it!

-Charly Caruso welcomes us to the show and she is joined by her co-host and WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth. CHARTRUTH! Charly is happy that Truth has reclaimed his 24/7 Title from Peter Rosenberg. They show footage from the Michael Kay Show as Truth pinned Rosenberg in his hotel room. Truth then cut a promo on The Michael Kay Show and it’s great, “First time, long time.” Truth notes this is his 48th reign as 24/7 Champion.

-Charly goes back to moments ago as Alexa Bliss got her revenge on Orton for the RKO from last week. Alexa distracted Orton from the ring post as blood gushed out of her mouth and obviously that is enough of a distraction for Edge to take advantage and hit the spear for the win. They discuss Edge heading to Mania where he has a decision to make.

-Lacey Evans is out as our first guest and Ric Flair is out with here. Truth is gushing over Ric Flair being here and Lacey yells at him for spitting on her. Lacey says that for the last few weeks she has been working smarter and not harder. She is a smart woman and knows a strong man when she sees one. She saw this handsome man in Ric Flair and knows she can also get knowledge from him to help her achieve her goals. Flair says that this pairing is helping him gain his self respect. All this was started long ago with a guy called The Nature Boy. Flair says he has 2 Hall of Fame rings and he will get a 3rd when Orton retires and will get a 4th after he trains Lacey to be a World Champion. He is tired of hearing that Charlotte is better than him apparently and mentions she was trained by HHH who learned from him. He knows Charlotte has 13 World Titles, but they are going to start with one for Lacey. He says this is business. Lacey say she has respect for Ric and Ric says that his daughter would rather he sign his name at appearances instead of being involved in the WWE. Lacey doesn’t care how people take their relationship as she is learning from the dirtiest player in the game. Flair mentions that Truth knows about the dirtiest player in the game because he grew up in Flair Country. Charly just hopes Ric makes amends with Charlotte which causes Lacey to shut her down.

-Naomi and Lana are out next fresh off their tag win earlier. They are now next in line for a shot at Nia and Shayna. They both say they are feeling amazing after the win. Lana is grateful and thankful to Naomi as they have been best friends for a long time. Naomi says they go way back to FCW and before Total Divas. She brings up that their husbands are best friends. They bring up that Nia eliminated both of them from the Rumble and even bring up her history with Truth in 2019. Truth says Nia had apologized for that as she was a different person. Lana knew she had a chance to win The Rumble last night, but her main goal was to eliminate Nia for everything she has done to here over the last few months. Charly loves the new team and wishes them nothing but the best. Charly asks about a team name and Naomi is liking Ravishing Glow, but she isn’t sure if that is to on the nose. They all have a discussion about fashion and ring gear before Ravishing Glow take their leave.

-Our final guests are The New Day and Woods wants Pearce to book him next week against Reckoning. They bring up that Sasha has faced Reginald so obviously they are letting men vs women again. Woods wants her next week and wants to end this feud with Retribution. Kofi just keeps screaming “give him what he wants.” They welcome Kofi back after his injury kept him home for a few weeks. They show the replay of Woods beating Ali in the night. Woods brings up Kofi’s track suit which is fire apparently and Kofi tells everyone to do squats and lifts to get a butt like his. Woods back to screaming for Reckoning and he calls Pearce a coward if he doesn’t give him the match. Charly brings up the Brodie Lee inspired gear from last night. Woods loved having Kofi in the building last night. They show off Woods tattoo of The Triforce and Charly says she used to play Legend of Zelda. She then loses some of those gamer points as she calls it “The Legend of Ocarina.” Woods goes back to being 2-2 against Retribution and Reckoning will be the tie-breaker. If RAW wants to compete with SmackDown they have to have this match. Charly wraps the show up and we are out.

-This one was all over the place as Truth wasn’t the craziest one on the show for a change. This show is always good for a few laughs, but compare to the greatness of Talking Smack. This week was fine and New Day brought a lot of energy as you would expect. Everything else was just kind of there, but I do like that they have brought back Naomi and Lana and given them something to do as we need more teams in that division. Lacey and Ric did a good job of explaining their alliance and down playing the Lacey riding Space Mountain vibes we were getting early in the story. As always thanks for reading!

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