411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 02.22.21 – Riddle Speaks on Winning The US Title, AJ Styles on Drew McIntyre Missing RAW, and More!

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 02.22.21

-Welcome to your weekly RAW Talk Report and things are starting to pick up as the WWE is inching closer to WrestleMania. I like that the WWE Title picture for Mania isn’t as cut and dry as what we are seeing from SmackDown and I would be fine with Lashley going into the show as the WWE Champion. On to RAW Talk, so let’s get to it!

-Charly Caruso welcomes us to the show and she is joined by her co-host, R-Truth. CHARTRUTH! Charly immediately gets on Truth about the lack of the 24/7 Title being on set. She expected him to get the title back when he met up with Bad Bunny, but Truth says the timing wasn’t right as Bad Bunny has DP around.

-Moments ago, Bobby Lashley wrecked Strowman and then flattened The Miz to end the show. Charly mentions she had a feeling that Miz would cash in last night which had some people yelling that she had inside information and she says it was just a gut feeling. For some reason Charly gets lost and I am confused about what confused her. She moves on and asks Truth if he would have rather seen a Triple Threat next week with Braun. I went back to watch it several times and I still have no idea what happened with Charly and what she was getting confused by. Truth says that Miz better have his game ready next week. Truth wants to know what Charly means by a transitional champion and she explains it to him though Truth confuses it with transparent.

-The New United States Champion, Riddle, is our first guest and Truth is pumped to see him. Riddle says last night was amazing and some would even say it was breathtaking. He admits he was lucky enough to have someone else in the match to pin as he puts over the greatness of Bobby Lashley. Riddle compares himself to Air Bud as all he wanted to do was play basketball and all Riddle ever wanted to do is be US Champion. He and Truth bond over the fact that he has named the US Title “Travis.” This is his golden ticket and for him personally he didn’t know if this day would come. He would pin a champion to earn a shot and then lose when the title was on the line, but last night he took Bobby Lashley’s title. He then hypes up Truth and tells him he will be getting the 24/7 Title back. Charly wants a nickname for the three of them and Riddle says he needs a day or so to think of one. We see Riddle pinning Morrison earlier in the night on RAW to continue this push. He hopes someone will invest in one of his side projects: brogurt, bro-nuts. He gives Lashley the nickname of Savage Beast and then calls himself a Savage Stallion. Riddle takes his leave as Charly just now realized there is an eagle on the US Title.

-Naomi and Lana are out next and they are dancing which gets Truth and Charly dancing as apparently people behind the scenes are laughing at them. Naomi and Lana have a Tag Title opportunity coming their way and Lana is excited as winning Tag Titles was a goal she had for this year. Charly thinks they will be awesome tag champions as they have a great look and each has a unique set of skills that is unlike what anyone else on the roster has. Naomi talks about missing 100 of the shots you don’t take and Truth thinks she is talking about liquor. Fantastic! Truth then says table and apologizes as he didn’t meant to say that word, but nobody plays off his set-up in any way. Lana goes back to talking about her vision board and says it is terrifying to face Nia and Shayna again. Naomi tries to build up her confidence as she mentions Nia and Shayna bleed like everyone else. Truth asks them about bringing the GLOW and then wonders how that works with their power company. Yep! Talk goes to their gear and what inspires their look. We are struggling to find things to talk about at this point apparently. They all agree to go to a Festival at some point soon. They take their leave as this show is dragging a good bit for whatever reason.

-Out last is AJ Styles and Omos. Truth says that he has been knowing AJ a long time and is sad they can’t hug. AJ gets on Truth for not pronouncing Omos’s name correctly. AJ says the chips didn’t fall his way last night and while he isn’t the WWE Champion he showed up tonight and Drew didn’t. He knows Drew didn’t show because he had his feelings hurt last night. AJ is man enough to be here and also got another victory. AJ says Ricochet won’t be here the next couple weeks thanks to Omos. Truth is baffled by what Omas did and AJ names the move the JKCB: Jackknife Choke Bomb. Truth insults Omos with a question and that sets the big man off. “Do you want to end up like Ricochet?” and Truth quickly answers back “Hell no.” AJ says the sky is the limit for the two of them and Truth believes them on that. Charly closes the show as Truth and AJ continue to argue over whether Truth is looking at AJ sideways.

-This one was a mess as people were talking over each other and bouncing all over the place instead of staying on one target. The Charly stuff to start is still confusing as I have no clue what happened there and the show never really recovered. Riddle and Truth are fun on camera together and AJ and Omos are becoming a good pairing, but this show was just kind of there this week. Thanks for reading!

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