411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 02.08.21 – Damian Priest on Being in The Royal Rumble, Mustafa Ali Crusades Against New Day and More!

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 02.08.21

-Elimination Chamber is quickly approaching and as expected based off Talking Smack, a RAW Main Event was announced for the PPV. You had to figure one of the two World Titles was going to be defended in the Chamber and I still wouldn’t be shocked to see Roman have to defend in there as well. Now to RAW Talk and the fall-out from tonight’s show. Let’s get to it!

-Charly Caruso welcomes us to the show and she is joined by her co-host and WWE 24/7 Champion, R-Truth. CHARTRUTH! Truth was involved in a celebrity flag football game this weekend in Tampa and lost his 24/7 Title to Doug Flutie, but was able to win it back. They discuss last night’s Super Bowl as it seems Charly picked Tampa Bay to win. For her that was easy to pick compared to all the craziness happening in the WWE.

-Moments ago Drew dropped Sheamus with a Claymore to pay him back for last week. Charly brings up the Elimination Chamber WWE Title Match as Drew has to defend his title against five former WWE Champions. Charly picks Drew to retain and all Truth knows is there is going to be a lot of people that get hurt as that Chamber is no joke.

-Bianca Belair is our first guest as she was just part of Talking Smack on Saturday. She says the last week has been wild. She is a grown woman, but ever since winning The Rumble she has felt like a five year old kid. Charly mentions that Bianca has her choice for Mania, but with Evans getting a shot at Asuka there is a bit of an unknown. Bianca wants to sit back and watch that match as she knows she has some time. To her it doesn’t matter who wins the match and who she picks as she is going to Mania and will be coming out as Champion. Truth loves the confidence! Charly thinks that her and Sasha would put on a show and Bianca jokes that she has seen that on Twitter. Charly wants the fans to tweet Bianca who they feel she should challenge at Mania.

-Damian Priest is out next and this is his first appearance on RAW Talk. Charly welcomes him to Monday Night RAW and RAW Talk. Priest says it has been a crazy couple of weeks. It was amazing for him to be in The Rumble and to get to share blows with Kane and Edge. As a child that is something he never would have dreamed. Truth gets Bugs Bunny and Bad Bunny confused so Charly and Damian have to help him out. Damian mentions he is friends with Bad Bunny and puts him over for being a fan since he was a kid. He knows if Bunny put his mind to the wrestling business he would be able to figure out a way. Truth gives Priest the nickname of DP and Charly is down with that nickname. Bad Bunny is his boy and he isn’t going to let Miz and Morrison push him around. He mentions The Rumble has always been his favorite match and he is still questioning what is life after getting to participate in one. Charly and Truth are gushing over him as everyone loves everyone here.

-The mood changes a bit as Mustafa Ali is out with Mace and T-Bar. Ali mentions he found out he was going to be on RAW Talk a few minutes ago by a tweet from a fan. He also mentions that when Bianca and Damian are on the show everyone is happy, but when he is here the producers are standing near the button that can censor him. He mentions he hasn’t had a Title in the WWE, but he is not surprised as it has taken 4 years for the company to get his name right. That gives Truth a chance to call him Mufasa again and mention he had that issue with Scar. Ali just blows that off and rages against the everyday viewer that can’t relate to him, so he is fighting a battle he can’t win. He and the rest of Retribution are Warriors yet get booed. Yet they cheer New Day because they know how to clap. He is here on this show dropping the truth and then we have The Truth making jokes. Charly asks about focusing on someone else and Ali says it has to be the New Day because John Cena is not here. He is out for the corporate puppets that peddle their merchandise and mentions New Day’s cereal. He questions how someone can let their kid eat a cereal called Booty-Os. Truth quips back that Ali has eaten plenty of Booty-Os in his days. Ali gets on Truth about trying to make himself relevant again. Truth fires back that he can’t come on his show and talk down to them and his childhood hero, John Cena. Truth wants to know why Mace can’t talk for himself. Truth wants Ali to man up and Ali wants to speak the truth to New Day. He had hoped they would be able to fee their trouble. They knocked down the door of opportunity but put it back up and locked them away. They know how it feels to be left to die and that is a hill he is willing to die on. Truth finally cracks Ali as he asks him what kind of deals he is getting on those houses he is building. Fantastic! He goes back to to cutting his promo to end the show and then signs off for everyone. Truth yells at him for throwing the mics as they are on a budget as the show ends.

-This was one of the better episodes we’ve had in quite some time. Still not on the level of Talking Smack, but the final segment was fun just because Truth did all he could to crack Ali. Priest also did well for his first go with this format and just comes off as a likeable dude. Thanks for reading!

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