411’s WWE Chronicle Report: Bianca Belair on Battling Eating Disorders, Being a Role Model, More

411’s WWE Chronicle Report: Bianca Belair

-The WWE Network has dropped two new specials on us today. First up is the latest episode of Chronicle that focuses on Bianca Belair. Let’s get to it!

-Air Date: 01.24.21
-Run Time: 29:53

-Bianca is someone who feels no matter how over you get, you don’t stop striving to be the best person you can. She wants to live her life knowing she tapped into everything God has given her. She just wants to be the best possible version of herself. She doesn’t want to be placed in a box and especially so as a black woman. She wants to present herself as a whole and is too talented to be placed in a box.

-This is WWE Chronicle: Bianca Belair. The following takes place from Dec 18, 2020-Jan 16, 2021.

-Jan 6, 2021: Orlando, FL: Bianca pulls out a note that has her first promo in NXT. They show footage from that first promo and it clearly got across who she was and what she wanted to do. This is where EST came from and this moment is where she told her mom that she made it.

-Bianca is from Knoxville, TN and man, I feel old as she mentions she was born in 1999. That was my senior year of high school. We meet her mom and dad who talk about her wanting to get in sports because her older brother participated in them. Bianca started out with Track and she was the #1 hurdler in the country at one point and got a full ride to University of South Carolina. She was desperate to get out of Knoxville and did all she could to avoid being in the wrong crowds. She opted to stay home and write poetry.

-She tells us that she suffered from bulimia in high school because she was muscular. Her coaches talked about her weight so she started to throw up her food to lose weight. It cost her as she didn’t run her senior year, but still had her scholarship to SC. She became obsessed with food and would hide and eat her feelings away. She knows it was a mental disorder though she was embarrassed by it. Her 18 year old mind couldn’t handle everything and it was a dark time in her life. She talked to someone who put her on medication, so she left college and went to another school. She also stopped her meds which wasn’t smart because you can’t just stop taking them. Depression kicked in and she didn’t want to be here anymore. Wow!

-She ended up in a psych hospital and remembers being in a room with a woman who screamed all night long. It hit her when she saw her parents that she had to go home and face this. She couldn’t run away anymore. She spoke to her parents and they gave her 100% support and that made her realize things would get better.

-We flashback to Feb 2020 and HHH tells Bianca that after Mania she will be starting on RAW. She gets emotional and hugs HHH while thanking him for everything. I love these moments where HHH gets to tell a talent they are heading to the main roster. HHH: “you will come back now and then which means you are always ours.” AH, proud papa HHH is great!

-Bianca talks about being confident in her abilities and she knows how big this SmackDown match is against Bayley. We see highlights from the match and Bayley gets the win thanks to a cheap shot to the eyes.

-Bianca shows photos of her dad who was in a band. Awesome! They even have some video of her father singing and dancing. I love this series! Her brother sent her videos of women doing cross-fit and Bianca knew she had to do that. She wanted to go back to the person she was before the world told her who she needed to be. Videos of her doing cross-fit caught the attention of Mark Henry who sent her a DM and invited her to a WWE camp. Mark on Busted Open Radio talking about Bianca and how he knew her athleticism would translate. He told her all he could do was get her a try-out and the rest was up to her. She blew everyone away with the try-out and had everyone clapping for her. She got the call that she was one of the top picks from the try-out and they offered her a contract.

-The 2017 Mae Young Classic is when things started to click for her. Her body took over and it felts natural and easy. It was the first time she remembers hearing the crowd and reacting to what they were hearing. After the match she was bawling her eyes out while getting a round of applause from everyone. HHH congratulates her and she tells us that was when she found it and things just clicked.

-Montez Ford is here and we all know now that she is Bianca’s husband. She first saw him in the PC and thought he was a beautiful man. He wanted to be respectful and told her he liked her make-up. He didn’t want to show that he was trying to get all up on her even though that’s what he was trying to do. She loves sharing this profession with him as they can discuss the ups and downs and each knows what the other is going through. They are fantastic together!

-We see her sewing and making her gear. She learned to sew from her mom and she likes to express herself through her gear. She will make specific gear for different shows and seeing that gear can take her back to that moment.

-She shows off her Rumble gear and didn’t know she was going to be in the match let along start the match. She could feel the nerves, but the minute the music hit she felt fine. She wasn’t aware how long the ramp was going to be and she had to skip the entire way with this heavy jacket on. She felt every single minute of that match as she lasted over 30 minutes and she made sure to take in every second. Bianca gets the Diesel run where she eliminates 8 people and gets herself over with people who may not now her.

-Dec 25. 2020: She teams with Sasha to take on the Tag Champions: Asuka and Charlotte. Bianca eats the fall but meets with Vince at Gorilla who is very impressed.

-She talks about meetings fans out in public. As a black female athlete she understands she is representing her culture, people and where she came from. She feels like she is fighting to be herself and she talks about her nieces that have to go through things because of their skin. She wants to be someone out there that lets them know they are perfect the way they are. She has to become that representation for those out there that need to see that someone like them can succeed.

-She discusses her parents and what they instilled in her. They told her that she was special, different and there was something out there for her. They helped bring her back to who she was supposed to be. They fought for her and she is grateful to be in a place where she can take care of herself and have them there for all these moments. The tears flow as she talks more about her parents and they are in the background crying over her heartfelt words. Fantastic!

-Bianca says this year The Rumble is different as she wants to win. She is doing this for the little girl that was worried about things she shouldn’t be worried about. Her happiness is the most important thing and it is not selfish to have self-love. She knows she is good at this and everyone tells her she is good at this, so she is going to embrace it. She finally found what she is good at and it is a matter of not if, but when.

-Another wonderful entry in this series. These are great because they let these men and women tell their story unfiltered. It makes you appreciate what they do and what they have been through to get where they are. Bianca has all the potential in the world and knowing what she’s gone through only makes you want to root for her even more. Definitely check this one out and I’ll be back shortly with my review of the Pat Patterson special that dropped today as well.

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