411’s Talking Smack Report: 01.23.21 – Cesaro Wants Roman Reigns, Sami and Apollo Come Face to Face and Owens Makes a Surprise Appearance Plus More!

411’s WWE Talking Smack Report: 01.23.21

-SmackDown continues to roll along as we are just over a week away from The Royal Rumble. Last night’s episode was solid and just a fun watch as they continue to build on what is needed. Let’s see what Talking Smack has to offer this week. Let’s get to it!

-Kayla Braxton welcomes us to the show and she is joined by her co-host, Paul Heyman. Kayla immediately gets to the close of the show as Paul got out of his match with Pearce due to “card subject to change,” but Kevin Owens showed up and left Roman laying. Heyman says they had the perfect plan as they had Pearce all to their selves and Owens screwed things up. He continues that Owens has a problem as next weekend they aren’t pulling “card subject to change.” KO has to step in the ring with an angry and infuriated Universal Champion. Heyman offers a spoiler that KO won’t be the last man standing.

-Our first guest is Bayley and Heyman invites Bayley to watch what happens with Reigns vs. Owens next week at The Royal Rumble. Bayley seems excited and wants Heyman’s words put at the opening of the PPV. Kayla brings up the obstacle course and Heyman hijacks things again as he says they had the best plan and KO screwed it all up. Bayley doesn’t want to see the replay of the obstacle course and wants them to forward to the end. Kayla says Bayley lost even with her best cheating efforts. Kayla keeps needling Bayley and she is getting rather annoyed. She asks Kayla if she wants to be in The Royal Rumble match. Heyman stands up for Bayely and tells Kayla that she wishes she was Bayley. She has Bayley Envy and Bayley wants that on a t-shirt now. Bayley puts over that she eliminated Rhea Ripley last year and quality means more than quantity. Heyman tells Bayley he admires her work greatly and calls her a generational talent as she takes her leave. Bayley ends by telling Kayla she will see her in the Royal Rumble.

-Cesaro is out next and curious if they even touch on or remember that Cesaro was once paired with Heyman after his ARMBAR win at Mania XXX. Kayla brings up that Cesaro turned down a challenge from Daniel Bryan this week. Cesaro rightly points out he beat Bryan last week and Bryan wasn’t dressed to compete this week and he didn’t want to take advantage of that. Man has a point! Cesaro mentions he has gone back to his basics and it’s paying off for him. He has had a rivalry with Bryan since they first met over 15 years ago. That is what irks him because he needs to beat Bryan every time he steps in a ring with him. Cesaro points out that every man should believe they will win The Rumble and if they don’t they shouldn’t be in the building or company. They show the finish from Cesaro’s win over Ziggler. Cesaro is irked by how much Daniel wants to win The Royal Rumble because he wants to win it more. He is using that as motivation to push himself to the next level. Kayla asks Cesaro who he wants to face if he wins The Royal Rumble. Cesaro says he wants to challenge Roman Reigns because of what he did to Nakamura. Heyman says Reigns vs Cesaro is huge box office. He has been singing Cesaro’s praises since before he was in the WWE. He mentions Roman Reigns is the only man who has a chance of stopping Cesaro and that it would be a WrestleMania worthy Main Event. Cesaro tells Heyman to let Roman know he is coming for him and Heyman says he is looking forward to that match.

-Sami Zayn is our final guest and Kayla admits she misses having him around now which draws a sideways look from Heyman. Sami is annoyed he didn’t get entrance music like everyone else. This is all part of the conspiracy he has been talking about. He brings in his documentary crew because he doesn’t recognize the new camera guys and wants his guys here to make sure everything is on the up and up. What he did earlier was a peaceful protest as he was engaging in his right to do so. He will not be silenced or intimidated. Sami calls Kayla confrontational and Heyman is in total agreement and says it is like being married to someone. Sami breaks out one of his signs and this one reads “S tand A gainst M oral I njustice.” Heyman clarifies that he is all for Moral Injustice but he loves Sami’s sign. Apollo Crews is out and Sami is happy to see him here. He breaks out a “How Do You Sleep at Night?” sign and says this one is perfect for Apollo and for Big E. E shouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing he has his IC Title. He wants to know how Apollo sleeps knowing he cheated to get his IC Title Match. At best he should have given Sami a rematch. Heyman is caught in the middle here and Sami is sorry if this is pissing Paul off. Apollo threatens Sami who has to think of the safety of his camera crew. Sami is fantastic! He points out that Apollo is making Paul Heyman uncomfortable and for everyone’s safety he has to go. Heyman tells Apollo that Sami is distracting him. “Are you going to be distracted by a prick, or are you going to concentrate on the Intercontinental Title?” Apollo says he is going to beat Sami’s ass and then he will get the IC Title because he can. That gets an evil smile from Heyman.

-Kayla tries to wrap up the show, but Kevin Owens is out. YES! He and Heyman have a brief staring contest before KO whispers in Paul’s ear “feel it.” He offers a hand and Heyman reluctantly takes it as the show closes. Heyman using his pocket square to clean his hand after the handshake was a wonderful small touch.

-Again, this show continues to be the best thing the WWE produces on a weekly basis. Why can’t they let these men and women be like this on RAW or SmackDown? Bayley and Cesaro each delivered to continue their stories and then the closing segment was once again a home run as it flowed effortlessly from Sami ranting about conspiracies to slightly irritating Paul to Crews showing up and acting like a bad ass to continue his emerging relationship with Paul. Then we get the surprise KO appearance to mess with Paul’s world and continue those issues. I also loved Cesaro calling out Roman because every man on that show should always have the Universal Champion on their mind even if they aren’t directly involved at that moment. It just makes the title seem more important and the title holder seem more important. This show is great! Thanks for reading!

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