411’s Raw Talk Report: Shayna Baszler on Challenging for Tag Titles at Royal Rumble, More

411’s WWE RAW Talk Report: 01.18.21

-Charly Caruso welcomes us to the show and she is joined by her co-host, WWE 24/7 Champion, R-Truth. CHARTRUTH! They talk about catering for a few minutes and Charly takes us back to the end of RAW as Alexa Biss knocked off Asuka. Truth calls Asuka suspect and though The Fiend “got burnt up.” Truth breaks Charly as he talks about being in many habitats and never seeing a soul like that. Charly just moves on to our first guests.

-Miz and Morrison are out first and we have an Awesome Truth reunion. Truth asks Morrison how it was being with The Doors. Morrison says that is an old question and wants to move on. Charly brings up the earlier train wreck with Miz TV and Morrison says it was just misdirection. Miz lays all the blame for the segment on Morrison. Morrison felt it was the best segment ever and all Miz wanted to do was make it know to Goldberg and Morrison that he can cash in in his contract at The Royal Rumble. Morrison and Truth bond over their taste in clothes. Miz asks Truth who he would rather have as a partner, himself or Morrison. Truth loves them both and will take both of them as his partner. Charly asks the chances of Miz cashing in at Royal Rumble. Miz mentions he doesn’t get many opportunities at The WWE Title and this contract gives him that chance. Some final small talk between Truth and Morrison and they take their leave.

-Shayna Baszler is next and let’s see how long it takes for Truth to bring up tartar sauce. Truth asks her if she is better at Uno or Go Fish. She doesn’t want to do this tonight as she has a long drive. Truth tells her to avoid Uno then as it is a long game. Again, National Treasure! Shayna wants to know why she has to keep doing this show as Charly apologizes and says she was thinking Truth would ask questions about sauces and fish. “Did you try the salmon today?” asks Truth. Charly asks about the differences that have come up between Shayna and Nia. Shayna says she can take care of business on her own and has always been able to. Her alliance with Nia is one of convenience and they have been dominant champions even if they don’t get along. She brings up that nobody is questioning Charlotte and Asuka not getting along and mentions they have lost focus. Charly brings up that Shayna asked for a Tag Title Match at the Royal Rumble. Asuka says they have not received an answer yet and it is because the champions are too focused on other things. Charly asks if Nia will be an ally or foe in the Royal Rumble. Shayna puts over what she did in last year’s Rumble and says Nia understands what happens in Rumble matches. They both know what happens in a Rumble. To them Rumble is a side issue to the Tag Titles. Shayna says they will walk out as Tag Champions and she will win The Royal Rumble.

-Our final guest is AJ Styles with Omos by his side. Truth asks Omos how it has been having AJ as his assistant. Omos says it has been Phenomenal. AJ wants Truth to stop as he knows what he is trying to do. Charly brings up that AJ beat Ricochet tonight and wants to know what AJ’s mindset is after the win tonight. AJ is focused on The Royal Rumble and brings up he made his debut at The Rumble 5 years ago. You can find my review here. Truth continues to annoy AJ and Omos. Truth mispronounces Omos name and the big man is not happy. “If he gets going I can’t stop him.” -AJ Styles. Charly wants to know if Omos is going to be in The Rumble and he responds with “we’ll see.” AJ says they would be unstoppable and have a plan they aren’t going to share right now. Charly wants to see Truth in the Rumble and he says he has other engagements. AJ asks Truth a referee is over there to annoy him as the show goes off the air.

-This was a standard edition of RAW Talk and nothing more. Truth was Truth and the guests played off him well while also doing what they could to build hype towards The Rumble. Thanks for reading!

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